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Hey there!
I've been teaching high school math for over 25 years. I write about my experiences here and also share activities that I have done with my classes that have been successful (and some that have been not so successful).

Digital Exit Tickets

It all started during the pandemic

During the Spring of 2020, when the pandemic started, my school, like all schools around the world, switched to virtual learning.

We had a schedule. For example, period 1 met on Google Meet every Mon/Wed/Fri from 9:00am to 9:50am.

I chose not to lecture to my students via Google Meet; instead, I opted to flip my classroom for those weeks. Students watched videos I assigned during EdPuzzle. Our 50-minute meeting time was for students to ask questions and learn what their assignment was.

Getting more feedback from the students

However the students were not asking questions during our Google Meets, and hence, the Meets were only taking about 10 minutes, I decided I needed to find a way to get feedback from them; I needed to find out if they were understanding the video lessons.

I decided to make some Digital Exit Tickets using Google Forms. 

When I assigned these Google Forms, I asked the students to stay on the Google Meet with me while they worked through the questions. 

There were 3 to 5 questions. Once they finished, they could stick around to ask me a question from the Exit Ticket, or they could leave the Google Meet and get started on the next assignment. 

I also added a question at the end of the Exit Ticket along the lines of, "Anything else you want me to know?" 

Some students started to share some of their feelings with me there. This was nice because, in a normal classroom setting, I can get a sense of what is going on in their lives. Either they tell me or I overhear them tell their classmates.  Being able to get a sense of what's happening in their lives is something that was really missing in the virtual setting.

I also liked that I then had a record of who really understood what I was teaching in the videos and who was totally lost. I used this information to reach out to individual students or to do a micro lesson during the next Google Meet.

In a nutshell, digital exit tickets effortlessly help us gauge if our students are riding the same knowledge wave we're riding. They also give us instant insight without drowning in a sea of paper. They make checking understanding a breeze and allow us to focus on what really matters – helping our students thrive. 

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