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  • Having limited planning time?
  • Knowing the best way to teach a topic?


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Low Prep Math Review Game "Pick Your Points"

I needed a new review game that was SUPER LOW PREP, fun for the students (i.e. has a competitive aspect) and does not reward speed. I came up with this. I call it "Pick Your Points." All you need is a set of questions (e.g. a worksheet) and some items that you may already have in your classroom or home.

How to Teach the Unit Circle

Check out this video for instructions on the best way to teach the Unit Circle. Each student needs: a flimsy paper plate and two different colored pencils or pens! Visit to get: ✔ 2 FREE fully editable PowerPoint lessons to use for teaching the Unit Circle ✔ a blank Unit Circle fo…

DeltaMath versus Edia: Two Websites for Practicing Math

If you have been in the secondary math education field for a while, you may have heard of websites such as DeltaMath, Khan Academy, IXL, and Edia…. These websites are different yet similar: they are designed for teachers to create online practice for students who receive instant feedback.   Compare and contras…

12 Common Mistakes in Algebra and How to Fix Them

If you've been teaching high school math for a while, then you are familiar with common algebra mistakes that students make. In this post, I will address some of these errors and give suggestions on how to fix them (a.k.a. "the treatment"). The errors mentioned in this post are mistakes that I have seen …

How to Be an Organized Math Teacher

On a typical school day, the bell rings about 12 times. That means there are MANY INTERRUPTIONS during the day. It is challenging to get deep into any project (grading papers, writing a test, planning a lesson) when bells are ringing every hour, people are always coming and going, and I have to change locations becaus…