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What to Teach in Algebra 2

If you work at a school where you have autonomy about what to teach in Algebra 2, then you might be interested in the Algebra 2 pacing guide below.

Seven Small Changes that Lead to Big Impact in the Math Classroom

Teachers are always changing, adapting and updating our practices.   In the summer we attend professional development. We go to workshops. We go to conferences. Our schools make us attend professional development sessions during teacher workdays. To maintain our certifications we have to earn Continuing Education Cred…

How to Give a Formative Assessment in Secondary Math

If you're a secondary math teacher, you have likely been a part of multiple conversations about formative assessments. What are formative assessments? Formative assessments are short assessments (less than 15 minutes) that are given often and on which the teacher checks for accuracy and gives feedback to the stude…

What NOT to say to a Math Teacher

I have been a math teacher for more than two decades and any time I tell someone what I do for a living, there's always a reaction.  I have heard it all.   The two most common reactions I get are: or In regards to the first comment, yes, I am smart. But so are you. Everyone has their gifts and talents. I can't…

5 Engaging Math Review Games that Don't Require the Internet

There are lots of websites that make it easy for teachers to create review activities for their high school math classes (quizlet, kahoot, etc).  But sometimes the internet goes out, or several of your students forgot their devices, or the batteries on their devices died, or the device won't connect to the interne…

Math Review Game "Scavenger Hunt"

When I was a kid I loved doing puzzles or hunting for Easter Eggs or solving math problems! Doing a Scavenger Hunt Review Activity is like the best of all of those things!

What to Teach in Precalculus

You might work in a state or country where there are Precalculus standards that you have to cover, you might work in a state where the standards only cover up to Algebra 2, or you might work in a private school where you have more autonomy about what to teach in Precalculus. If you are one of the latter two cases, the…

The Ideal Math Classroom

UPDATE: I left this school in May 2022 due to a move to another state. So while this blog post is written in the present tense, this is no longer my classroom; and I miss it very much. I have the best math classroom. I love it. I really love it. Consider this blog post as a love letter from me to my classroom. Dear cl…

Best Math Project for High School Students

If you're looking for a math project idea for your high school students, keep reading. By far, the most exciting thing I do in my high school math classes is to give my students my How to Adult Project . Students select a profession with a salary and monthly student loan payment out of a hat. Working with a partn…

Using QR Codes For Self Checking Activities

Teachers are busy. After I graduated college, I got my first teaching job and have never had any other type of job, so I cannot compare what it is like to be a teacher versus having some other kind of job. But I do know that teachers are very busy.

How to Hold a Parent Teacher Conference

Through over 20 years of teaching in four different schools, I have had countless parent-teacher conferences. Whether we're talking about the occasional conference requested by the parents (or administrator) or formal conferences where you meet with the parents of the students you teach or you meet with the parent…

How to use

Now that I have given you the history of (the best website for online math practice) and talked about what DeltaMath can and cannot (yet) do , I'm going to tell you how to use DeltaMath in your middle school or high school math class.

History of DeltaMath

If you are a secondary math teacher, you have probably used .  If you haven't, what are you waiting for?! Go create an account today. You and your students will love it.