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The Ideal Math Classroom

UPDATE: I left this school in May 2022 due to a move to another state. So while this blog post is written in the present tense, this is no longer my classroom; and I miss it very much.

I have the best math classroom. I love it. I really love it. Consider this blog post as a love letter from me to my classroom.

Dear classroom,  I love you so much.  I love your furniture.  I love your location.  I love your view. Sincerely, Rebecca

What does the ideal math classroom have?

*writable surfaces everywhere

*the students sitting in groups so that they can work together

*space for the students to put their backpacks

*space for the students to get up and move around

This is, of course, all a matter of opinion. Some teachers might need more storage space - filing cabinets or storage closets. Some teachers prefer to have soft seating such as sofas or bean bag chairs. Some teachers like the tables to be the taller cafe-style tables.  

I have been at four different schools and have had all of those things. More storage is always nice.  I have a tiny desk for myself. I don't use that much storage space because I digitize everything (I make an answer key, I scan it, then shred it.)

Soft seating is nice if you have the space for it. 

I didn't care for the café-style tables; I taught in a classroom that had a mixture of tall tables and some standard-height tables. The students complained that the chairs at the tall café tables were uncomfortable and I always worried about the students at the tall tables cheating off the students sitting at the standard height tables during assessments.

The way my classroom is now is ideal for me at this time. My classroom is not that big; I prefer to have a minimal amount of furniture so there is plenty of room for me and the students to move around. I like to get the students out of their seats and writing on the board or the back wall as much as possible.

The tables are dry-erase. They are made by a company called Krueger International:

Another possible configuration of the tables.

And even another possible configuration of the tables.

You will notice in this photo above that it was taken before the glass panels were installed on the back wall. There was a bulletin board on that wall before. 

The back wall has glass panels installed on it.
All of the math classrooms at my school have this setup.

The glass panels were installed by a local commercial glass company.

I don't keep a lot of stuff in my room. Many of the bookshelves are empty.
I allow my advisory students to store stuff there if needed.
My desk is small; I prefer to have more space for the students and less for me.

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Every classroom in the high school has one of these pocket charts for storing students' phones.
Students are required to store their phones during class.

Closer view of the pocket chart for the students' phones. The chart is hanging on two magnetic hooks. The hooks are on the metal window frame.

I have a SmartBoard, but I don't use it much because it's old.

Students working on verifying trig identities during our #vnps time.
(Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces)

I bought this suction cup shower caddy to put on the back wall so there was a place to store markers. 

Before the pandemic, I would arrange the desks to face the window during assessments.

During the 2020-2021 school year, the students all had to sit in rows facing the front wall. My desk also got moved to the front of the room. I did not like this arrangement.

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When I say that I love my classroom's location, it's not only because it's on the third floor and I have a great view, but also because it's at the end of the hall near the back stairs and the elevator. It's across the hall from the department center which has the faculty bathroom, a printer, and a photocopier. I feel so very lucky that I got this classroom. 

Finally, I love the view from my classroom!

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