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Start Using Today (and what DeltaMath can and cannot yet do)

"DeltaMath is the bomb dot com." That is what I said to a former colleague when he admitted to having never used He and I have been teaching high school math for over 20 years (which you could probably guess by my use of the very trendy "dot com" joke).

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First, a disclaimer: No, I do not work for DeltaMath. I am not affiliated in any way with DeltaMath. I am not getting paid for writing about how much I love DeltaMath. I am just a huge fan.

What is DeltaMath? What can it do?

If you are a middle school or high school math teacher and are not using DeltaMath with your students, you need to start immediately. DeltaMath is the best website for students to practice math online.

Scroll to the bottom to see my infographic about what DeltaMath can and cannot (yet) do.

If you want your students to practice math concepts from grade 6 through AP Calculus BC, and you want students to get instant feedback, and you want to spend less time answering "is this right?" or "how do I do this?", and you want to spend less time grading homework, then you should start using DeltaMath today.

DeltaMath describes itself as "an online math practice and learning site."

Once a teacher sets up an account, she can assign an unlimited number of problems to an unlimited number of students for FREE! Students will get instant feedback and the assignments are graded automatically.

If you would like to learn more about the creator of DeltaMath, check out my blog post, History of DeltaMath.

I stumbled upon DeltaMath in the summer of 2017 while perusing the blogs of math teachers. I started using it that Fall with my Precalculus and Calculus students; they loved it and I was hooked. I convinced several of my colleagues to start using it with their students.

My students love instant feedback which makes sense because when you assign a worksheet or textbook problems, they don't always know if they're right or wrong. Even if you provide the answers to the worksheet or they can reference B.O.B. (the Back Of the Book), students may not be able to determine their error. Even if students can determine their error, they may need a few more practice problems to help prevent that error from reoccurring.

DeltaMath is ideal in the math classroom because students can practice as many problems as they need in order to master a skill.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Start Using DeltaMath

  1. It's free.
  2. It's user-friendly. The interface is better than Khan Academy. It's easy to set up a class and gets students to join your class.
  3. There are thousands and thousands of skills available.
  4. The students get instant feedback.
  5. Students can practice a skill repeatedly until they have mastered it.
  6. You don't have to grade papers!
  7. You don't have to answer as many "how-to" or "is this right" questions from students.
  8. You can easily copy assignments from colleagues.
  9. Students can work at their own pace
  10. The creator and his team are very receptive to suggestions for improvement. The creator is Zach Korzyk - he tweets @MrDeltaMath; he and his team are active in the Facebook group. The best place to request a skill is through the website (at the top under the question mark symbol).

Should you upgrade to the paid versions?

As of December 2023, DeltaMath PLUS costs $95 for a year subscription for an individual teacher; DeltaMath INTEGRAL costs $145 per year. Convince your admin (and your entire department!) to pay for the INTEGRAL subscription! If the entire department is getting a subscription, then it's probably cheaper than the prices for an individual.

Scroll to the bottom to see my infographic about what you can do with the DeltaMath paid versions.

Some features in the DeltaMath paid versions that were lifesavers during the coronavirus pandemic:
  • You can create an Assessment. 
    • This is an awesome feature and has continued to improve since it was first launched. For example, recently they added the ability for students to change their answers before they submit the assessment.
    • Read my blog post about How to Give a Math Test During Distance Learning
  • You can create your own problems.  
    • I like this feature because there are often times when I cannot find the types of problems I need, but I don't love it as much as I thought I would. Students get accustomed to having multiple problems to try. When you assign your own problem, if a student gets it wrong, they cannot try another one similar to it. You can, of course, give multiple attempts.
    • Adding your own question is especially helpful on assessments.
  • You can assign a specific problem to students.
    • This is awesome for when you find a problem that you want everyone to try, but, like with creating your own problems, if students get it wrong, they cannot try another one similar to it. You can give multiple attempts, though.
  • You can post an assignment to an individual or group
    • This feature is particularly useful for giving assessments when you have students who are permitted extra time as part of their learning accommodations.
  • There are help videos available to watch for every skill.
    • You can hide the videos from students and you can also see how much of a video a student watched. 
      • (I once had a student email me to say "I've been trying DeltaMath for hours. I watched the video and I just can't do it, so I gave up." When I looked at his stats, he had only tried 2 problems, had watched 10 seconds of a 10-minute video, and had spent a total of 23 minutes on the assignment. After I shared those stats with him, he finished the assignment.)
  • Ability to assign sub-types
    • I like this feature a lot. An example is the module, "Exact Values of Trig Functions (All Six)." When I look at this module, there's an option to click on "Problem types." From there I can choose from options such as, "sin/cos/tan quadrant 1" or "csc/sec/cot quadrants 2,3,4."
An example of a module where you can assign subtypes

If you are not yet in the DeltaMath Official Facebook group, join the helpful community where you can ask questions and share in the delight of using DeltaMath.

If you don't have an account with DeltaMath (why don't you? It's free!) but want to see the types of problems available, you can go to

Check out my infographic about what DeltaMath can and cannot do!

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