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Hey there!
I've been teaching high school math for over 20 years. I write about my experiences here and also share activities that I have done with my classes that have been successful (and some that have been not so successful).

How to Make a Math Quiz in Google Forms

Watch my video demonstration here:

In the days of one-to-one classrooms and distance learning, you may occasionally want to give your students a quiz or a formative assessment online.

Google Forms is a great option because... well, it's FREE. Another reason I love sending Google Forms to my students is that they do *not* require a login. *Anyone* can take your google form. You simply collect their email address and name so you can identify them.

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What was NOT mentioned in the video:

If you want your Google Form to be self-grading

If you want your Google Form to be self-grading, then I suggest you choose Multiple Choice or Short Answer questions. If you're going to do Short Answer, it's best if the answer is something that is easy to type on a computer. For example, "In the equation x +7 = 10, x = ___."  The student would only have to type 3.  You do NOT want to do a question like "Solve x^2 = 27" because the answer would have a square root symbol and that is not easy to type.

How to Send the Google Form to Your Students

First, DO NOT SHARE your forms with your students.  SHARE and SEND are different.  

Click on Send in the top right corner

The first way to send the Form is by typing in the email addresses of your students.

I prefer to send the link to my students. To do so click on the link icon.

After you click on the link icon, you can copy the link to the Google Form and paste it on your password-protected website or in an email to your students.

How to see your students' results from the Google Form

At the top of the Google Form click on the tab Responses

You can choose to see a summary of the responses, see the responses by question or by individual.

You can create a spreadsheet of the responses.

Once you have your spreadsheet you can quickly sort by Class Period and/or Last Name (watch the video demo to see how to collect the student's class period and last name separate from first name). 

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Let's continue the conversation. Join me in my Facebook group.