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Hey there!
I've been teaching high school math for over 25 years. I write about my experiences here and also share activities that I have done with my classes that have been successful (and some that have been not so successful).

Free Websites for Creating Volumes of Revolution

As calculus teachers, we stand at the intersection of mathematical theory and practical problem-solving. One topic that often perplexes students is Volumes of Solids of Revolution. These three-dimensional shapes emerge from the elegant dance of curves and rotations, yet their intricacies can leave even the most diligent learners scratching their heads.

But fear not! In this blog post, I will share several free and user-friendly websites and programs that can help students visualize the 3D solids created.

The best websites/programs are the ones that are user-friendly, allow the user to enter their own function, and rotate an area around any vertical or horizontal axis.

Be sure to check out: Free Websites for Creating Solids with Known Cross Sections

Top Pick

Second Choice:

Third Choice:

Geogebra is a very powerful and FREE software. Anyone can make an "interactive worksheet" that has its own URL and can be viewed by anyone.  Here are some of my favorites:

Honorable mention:

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Free Websites for Creating Solids with Known Cross Sections